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Confusions between “Kowloon”, “Hung Hom” and “Jiu Long”

This time I would like to give a brief introduction to some confusing (but important) station names in Hong Kong to avoid possible troubles.

There are two station names which sound like intercity train stations, called “Hong Kong” (which share the same paid area with “Central”) and “Kowloon”, but in fact no intercity train will stop or even go through there. They are the stations for Airport Express, as well as normal metro trains. Some airlines will provide in-town check-in services at these 2 stations.

The only station which intercity trains stop by is “Hung Hom”. However, it is called “Jiu Long” (in fact the old name of this station is “Kowloon” before the name being “transfered” to Airport Express, and “Jiu Long” is the Mandarin pronunciation of “Kowloon”.) on the ticket if your ticket is issued by MOR. Intercity through trains to and from Hong Kong can be issued by either MTR or MOR, depend on where did you buy the ticket.


MTR System Map (Wikipedia)

MTR System Map (MTR Official Site)

(All the informations provided are for reference only.)