Nanyue Express

25T Passenger Carriages

It is the newest model of Chinese made passenger carriage. It can speed at 160km/h yet still comfortable. The cabin is quite luxurious. It is the one serving on direct express trains, and also the through trains running between Beijing/Shanghai/Ghangzhou and Hong Kong. There are the meanings of different type abbreviations:

  • “RZ” – Soft Seat Car (the one in the drawing is the version for Kowloon-Guangzhou through trains)
  • “YW” – Hard Sleeper
  • “RW(25T)″ – Soft Sleeper
  • “RW(19T)” – Luxurious Soft Sleeper
  • “CA” – Dinning Car
  • “XL” – Luggage Car

(Electricity is supplied by the locomotive so generator is not needed)
There are some other variations not being drawn (like the one made in cooperation with Bombardier and the one used for routes to Tibet.