Nanyue Express

MSFS2020 Antarctica Airport Pack

It is quite a surprising fact that there are flights to Antarctica using ordinary airliner, provided by a company called Skytraders, but the corresponding airport (Wilkins Runway – YWKS) is missing so I made one to put there. The corresponding waypoints for RNAV approach is already present in the game, and charts are available on Airservices Australia AIS:

I have also made the livery of Skytraders for A230neo, although they use A319 in real life. The livery has been submitted to Liveries Mega Pack, pending acceptance.

Apart from Wilkins Runway, these airstrips are also added:

  • Troll Airfield (AT27) – Norway
  • Marambio Airport (SAWB) – Argentina
  • Novo Runway (AT17) – Russia
  • Teniente R. Marsh Airport (SCRM) – Chile
  • Rothera Air Facility (EGAR) – UK
  • Sky Blu Skiway (AT24) – UK
  • Union Glacier Blue-Ice Runway (SCGC) – US


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