Nanyue Express

MSFS2020 Malaysian Airport Pack

Malacca is a Malaysian city, with a UNESCO World Heritage Site in downtown. It is not far away from Kuala Lumpur, not many people would consider direct flight to get there, but there is an international airport in the city. It’s quite weird that even the bushstrip in Muar is present, but Malacca Airport (WMKM) is absent in the game so I tried to make a simple one.

Then I have searched for the other airports missed in the game, and added some of them in the game, most are the bushstrips in East Malaysia:

  1. Lawas (WBGW)
  2. Sahabat (WBKH)
  3. Bario (WBGZ)
  4. Tommanggong (WBKM)
  5. Bernam River Airfield (WMBR)
  6. Mersing (WMAU)
  7. Jendarata (WMAJ)
  8. Long Pasia (WBKN)

There are still some missed, but I’m unable to make them because their position cannot be determined in the game even the coordinates are given.


See here if you don’t know how to install add-ons for MSFS2020